進口部—最新的體驗  享受最快的服務
Import department - the fresh experience to enjoy the fastest service
門到門全程服務項目Door to door full service items
  • 2015年5月獨家代理南通首家進口民用飛機,之后多次代理其他機型。
    In May 2015,become the exclusive agent of the first civil aircraft imported inNantong, and then as the agent of other types aircrafts for many times.
  • 在全球有廣泛的服務網絡,可到指定的地點上門提貨直至送貨上門。
    Global service network, able to the designated location door-to-door pick up until door-to-door delivery.
  • 在單證齊全、可通關的前提下,快船一天,普船兩天,空運一天送貨至指定地點。
    Under the premise of complete documents and clearance info data, the goods will be cleared on conveyance on express ship in one day, ordinary ship in two days and air freight in one day then delivery to destination..

Export department - multi - route, high efficient, completive rates

空運出口服務Airfreight export service
  • 面向全球基本空港,滿足不同貨物對空運服務的需求
    Rich of flights to globalized dominated airports, satisfy all kinds of airfreight demands of differ shipments.
  • 以最密集的航班,最優惠的價格滿足不同客戶的需求
    Meet the needs of kinds of customers with the most intensive flights and favorable rates.

海運出口服務Maritime export service.
  • 充分發揮我司專業報關優勢,為客戶提供碼頭堆場預留空柜、拖車、報檢、報關、訂艙等一站式服務。
    Give full play to the advantages of our professional Customs declaration, to provide customers with the container yard reserved empty containers, trailers, inspection, Customs declaration, booking, one-stop service.
  • 與各大船公司有密切良好合作關系,專業人士根據需求為您量身定制最快捷的運輸方式,并提供合理的運價參考。
    We have closy and satisfied relationship with the shipping companies. The professionals can customize the fastest mode of transportation for you according to your needs and provide you with reasonable freight service.