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Jiangsu Xuwei Software Technology Co., LTD. (founded in 2019), is professionalized in software development, software customization, software implementation of high-tech enterprises, has a team of long-term employed in professional custom software development, software customization, has the abundant technical strength, all-round meet the needs of society and the enterprise requirements.

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Enterprise management information system program design and development, supply chain information system program design and development, storage information system program design and development, software customized program design and development, system maintenance, to help customers continue to innovate value, for the enterprise to bring the greatest outcome on investment.

關務管理系統:Customs management system:協助企業降低進出口貿易風險,建立企業級的進出口數據中心。
Assist enterprises to reduce the risk of import and export under Customs supervisation, establish an enterprise level import and export data center.

WMS系統:WMS systems
  • 支持多種形態的商品精細化管理,標品、非標品、散貨,實現精細化庫存批次管理。
  • Support a variety of forms of commodity fine management, standard goods, non-standard goods, bulk cargo, to achieve fine inventory batch management.
  • 通過使用條形碼化管理和RF的結合,可以將任務高效地銜接在一起,提高作業效率,全程可跟蹤。
  • Through the combination of bar code management and RF, tasks can be efficiently connected together, improve the efficiency of the operation, the whole process can be tracked.
  • 滿足貨主及供應商計費,計費引擎可靈活配置,同時支持倉儲的各類增值服務費用計算。
  • To meet the owner and supplier billing, billing engine can be flexibly configured, while supporting the storage of various value-added services cost calculation.
  • 全倉作業可視化監控預警,根據客戶不同業務需求豐富的自定義功能可自定義報表,供分析、消息預警、決策,
  • Visual monitoring and pre warning of the whole warehouse operation, customized reports can be customized according to the rich custom functions of customers' different business requirements, for analysis, message pre warning and decision.
  • 運輸管理系統:Transportation management system
  • 提供先進的計劃和自動配載、路徑優化引擎,支持供應鏈物流多場景的配載調度算法。
  • Provide advanced planning and automatic stowage, route optimization engine, Provide preferred multi-scene stowing plans,driving routings.
  • 提供執行協同平臺及移動應用,連接所有的合作伙伴,與先進的追蹤技術(GPS)集成。
  • Provide execution collaboration platform and mobile application, connect all partners, and integrate with advanced tracking technology (GPS).
  • 基于業務規則的優先處理方案,系統自動發現異常,系統自動提醒或采取補救措施。
  • Based on the priority processing scheme of business rules, the system automatically finds exceptions, and the system automatically reminds or takes remedial measures.

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7X24 hours online technical customer service, personalized and fast implementation of program integrated.

  • 前期咨詢Preliminary consultation
  • 需求調研Requirement investigation
  • 個性化開發Personalized development
  • 培訓實施Training implementation
  • 上線使用Online use
  • 維護協助Maintenance