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Nantong Anshun Transportation Co. a comprehensive professional cargohaulage enterprises, with a long history and strong strength. The company takes the cargo transportation as the main business, takes the van transportation as the key businiess, at the same time has also developed the containerlized transportation, the major part transportation, the dangerous goods transportation and so on. The company has equipped with full type of transport vehicles, vans, flatbed, flying wing vans, heavy load vehicle and other conveyance. All vehicles equipped with GPS positioning system, whole-route monitoring, safe and reliable. The company has a senior freight management team, energetic, skilled, experienced drivers, professional management system, to provide customers with all-weather super first-class door to door cargo transport, logistics and other value added services.

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Nantong Anshun Transportation Co. LTD.which is a logistics management company which takes Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai as the center and radiates all over the country. It is featured by the transportation of full/less loaded vehicles, ordinary goods and large equipment. The company adopts international management standards to provide customers with safe, accurate, fast and low-cost integrated services, and strives to reduce logistics costs for customers through safe and efficient logistics services, to enhance the core competitiveness of customers, so as to become the best logistics partners for customers.

公路運輸:Road transportation
整箱運輸(整柜運輸—工廠至碼頭)FCL transport (FCL transport - factory to dock)
  • 自有運輸車輛30余臺,合作車輛80余臺,有效自我調節淡旺季的運力壓力,操作團隊成員平均五年以上從業經歷,操作經驗豐富。
It owns more than 30 transport vehicles and over 80 cooperative vehicles, which can effectively self-regulate the transport capacity pressure in off-season and peak seasons. The average operating team member has more than five years of working experience, with rich operating experience.

Van transportation (factory to warehouse, warehouse to warehouse, factory to factory and downtown distribution)
  • 9.6米高欄車和13.5米、17.5米平板車各10余臺,可操作珠三角地區、國內一二線城市之間的點到點運輸業務,充分利用資源優勢和現代網絡技術,努力實現雙程配載,為客戶降低運輸成本。
    9.6 meters high hurdle truck and 13.5 meters, 17.5 meters flatbed trailer each more than 10sets, can operate the Yangzi River delta region, the first and second-tier cities in China between the point to point transport business, make full use of resources and modern network technology, strive to achieve round-trip loading, reduce the transportation costs for customers.
特種運輸 Carriage of special terninal
  • 大件運輸(超限貨物,即超長、超寬、超高、超重)。
    Bulk transportation (over limit goods, that is, over length, over width, over heighth overweight).
  • 冷藏運輸(對于溫度有要求的生鮮產品、農產品和部分電子產品等)。
    Refrigerated transportation (fresh products, agricultural products and some electronic products with temperature requirements).

Advantages of service


  • 公司自有車輛均安裝GPS全球定位系統,實時監測車輛動態。
    The company's own vehicles are equipped with GPS global positioning system, real-time monitoring of vehicle dynamics.
  • 司機使用智能手機終端,實現運輸過程的透明化管理。
    Drivers use smart phone APPs, to achieve transparent management of the transportation process.
  • 定期安全培訓,包含安全駕駛、防御性駕駛等課程培訓。
    Regular safety training, including safe driving, defensive driving and other courses training.
  • 完善的KPI考核機制,完善客戶服務。
    Perfect KPI evaluation system to improve customer service.