Shanghai Weiyi International Transportation Agency Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai weiyi international freight forwarding co., ltd. Which is established in June 2013 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Registered in: Shanghai Pudong free trade zone, the business scope includes international maritime, air, land cargo transport agents, road cargo transport, agent of entry and exit clearance and inspection, cargo loading and unloading, business consulting, etc.

Business Sections


空運服務Air service
One-to-one service creates more efficient and convenient import customs clearance service for customers.
  • 進口報關服務涉及種類繁多,包含:普貨進口代理、食品酒類、新舊設備、危險化工品、農副產品、冷凍海鮮、機械儀器等。
Import declaration service involves a wide range of services, including: general goods import agents, food and wine, used and new equipments, chemicals, agricultural and subsidiary products, frozen seafood, equipments and so on.
  • 跟蹤定制項目流程,優化運轉環節,提供完善全面的一站式代理服務。
Follow up customized project process, optimize operation procedures, and provide comprehensive one-stop agent service.

海運出口服務Maritime export service
Professional agent of shipment from China to the worldwide ports cargo transport, consolidating and stuffing, LCL, Customs declaration, chartering, trucking service from factories to ports, booking, warehousing, transshipment, container stuffing/unstuffing, customs declaration, inspection declaration, insurance and other one-stop services, with rich experience to accept booking, loading, coordinating among the ship, cargo, port.
  • 專業篤實的操作團隊。Professional and honest operation team.
  • 承接DDP、DDU、EXW等各類業務。Undertake DDP, DDU, EXW businesses and not limit to.
  • 便捷的自有關務管理系統。Convenient self - owned management system.